Friday, 26 August 2016

LAST CHANCE $1 sale + New CU + Freebie

EEEK, I have goldfish syndrome right now – (well that’s my given name for it). Such bad sinus that your eyes feel like they bulging out your head….it’s a pretty look – Really. …errr NOT! HAHAHAHAHA.  I get hayfever in winter up here - go figure, when most get it in spring and I’ve never had hayfever in my life before until I moved up inland. The doc calls it a ‘coastal’ issue. All us coastal people who have come inland end up having ‘smog a titis’ – LOL. Well one day soon I will be back to the clean breathable coastal air!


For the FULL Month of AUGUST you can grab brand NEW Releases @ TDP for only $1 each!  YES… only $1 each.

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kb-MemoryKeeper-Papers_6Memory Keeper : The Papers

kb-MemoryKeeper_Elem6Memory Keeper : The Elements

kb-MemoryKeeper_Worded-6Memory Keeper : Word Bits & Alpha


And some fantastic inspiration for you:

ConnyBy Conny

Snap : Click : RecordBy Barbara

DeborahBy Deborah

******** Something NEW for our Men in our lives ********

 kb-StandingTall_Papers6Standing Tall : The Papers

kb-StandingTall_Elements6Standing Tall : The Elements


Standing Tall : The Word Bits

And some more AMAZING CT inspiration:

AmieBy Amie

StefBy Stef

JulieBy Julie

ShivaniBy Shivani

Don’t forget to check the ‘From the Archives’ section too as you will find more $1 items for sale.


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Don’t forget to grab the Project Grateful | Escape COLLECTION pieces for only $1 each per pack this AUGUST only!


Just a sampling of what’s IN STORE right now >> Check it out HERE

Escape is the perfect collection to help document those important memories, and summer /travel/ beach related.

And a little CT inspiration:

Jenni-PGBy Jenni

GaelleBy Gaella


Commercial Use @ Sugar Hill Co - 25% off


Just a few of the NEW CU items you can get for 25% off right now..

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And I have a BLOG FREEBIE for you today:

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Have a really fantastic weekend and make sure you don’t miss the last of the SALE!

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 12 August 2016

$1 PENNY SAVERS.. not to be missed


WOOHOO! Who doesn’t love a good SALE right???.. You don’t want to miss this one!

For the FULL Month of AUGUST you can grab brand NEW Releases @ TDP for only $1 each!  YES… only $1 each. Don’t forget to check the ‘From the Archives’ section too as you will find more $1 items for sale.

******** NEW @ TDP for only $1 each ********

kb-BrightSpark_6Bright Spark : The Papers

kb-BrightSpark_el-6Bright Spark : The Elements

And some AMAZING creative inspiration to get you inspired.

ConnyBy Connie

StefBy Stef

corrinBy Corrin

JulieBy Julie

And some HYBRID work that always leaves me in AWE!

brightsparkwithoverlayBy Tanya

And catch a FULL HYBRID HOW TOO/ show and tell on TDP BLOG

ahg_080516_2v2By Arielle

And so many more in TDP sure to have a look!

kb-JustFamily_WA_6Just Family 1 : Word Art

back-to-my-roots_6Back To My Roots : Template

Some more amazing creativity for you:

29mq4ooBy Corrin (The names on this Tree just make me smile! lol)

Walk900_zpsmrhctohbBy Stef

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kb-heArtsy2_papers9heARTSY 2 : Papers

Charm-WA6Charming : Word Art

Make sure you don’t miss them before they all revert to FULL Price!

I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend.

Hugs and loves

Monday, 1 August 2016

DigiScrap Parade : Aug 2016


************************* TOOT TOOT *************************

......... it's that time again for the AMAZING mega Digiscrap Parade Blog Hop:


A little lost? Then just click on the banner above to be taken to the Master list.

You should have come from >>>> Wendy P Designs

And here is my portion/ 'station stop' for you to download:



Make your way to >>>>>>>> Pink Reptile Designs

or just click on the images below 


Enjoy the ‘ride’ and have fun.. XXXXXXXXXXX

Friday, 22 July 2016

Such a Peach + New CU + CU Freebie

Ok, so why did God think it was a great idea to give us wisdom teeth? NO wisdom supplied with them and according to my dentist we should never have teeth that far back in our All they do is cause issues.. I’ve had one removed in the dentist chair last year due to it compacting and becoming a PITA ( yeah- even at my age- BWAHAHA).. and now another one has started to cause the same issues. This last week has been a few days full of a mouth full off mmmmm’s and ahhhhh’s because speaking wasn’t so comfortable- lol. Funny, when I was 16 my good old orthodontist wanted to them taken out as he said they would cause me issues when I was older ( you don’t say?? LOL) and I was sent to theatre. Was put under and the specialist orthodontic surgeon when he got there to perform the op, decided NOPE she’s too young. Send her back to recovery. I wish I could take his head and bang it against a wall right now and say ‘what were you thinking’! BWAHAHAHA. Anyhooo, it’s much better today due to some wonderful anti-inflammatory tablets, but looks like I’m going to have to brave the chair again and have it removed eventually…EEEK. lol

It’s been so good having a stable internet connection again and having some time to create – WOOHOOO! Sanity

******** NEW @ TDP at 20% off ********

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Such-a-Peach_kit6Such a Peach : The Kit

Thinking again of my beautiful niece with her rosy plump cheeks..and as sweet as a peach.
This kit is perfect for those summer memories and beautiful girls in our lives.
24 JPG papers 12x12
42 Unique elements + 16 Word art strips + 5 word art


And of course my CT have just blown me away again with their creativity and inspiration.

ReneeBy Renee

JenniBy Jenni

StefBy Stef

ConnyBy Conny

RaeBy Rae

JulieBy Julie (MotherBear)

farrahBy Farrah

Rae2By Rae

ChristelleBy Christelle

DeborahBy Deborah

Be sure to check instore for full detailed previews


Commercial Use @ Sugar Hill Co - 25% off

kb-ButtonUp14_6Elements : Button Up 14

kb-VE_libraryCards_01_6Vintage Elements : Library Cards 1

perfect for those Back to School creations.

With that in mind I put together a little CU freebie for you that you can grab in my Newsletter today:


Contains a Library Card + Metallic Button sampler + 3 Back 2 School Vintage brushes + PNG. All at 300ppi

I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend.

Hugs and Loves